Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Lost Thing

A quick drive by....

If you haven't read his books or don't know who Shaun Tan is then you must, I say, MUST, go to a library and find out.

I've just become very excited about the news that his favourite book of mine (one that I've used in my English classes so successfully before), The Lost Thing, has been made into a short animated film and, get this!, it looks just like the book but alive! Love the people at Passion Pictures, love Shaun Tan, can't wait to see the film. Go and see the trailer and more here.

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  1. ooo thanks for the news that The Lost Thing has been made into an animation - must find it asap!! It's my favourite book of all time! PS. saw a poster today at UWA (at Perth Upmarket) advertising The Red Tree on at Subiaco Arts Centre 12-23 July and Joondalup 27 August... could be interesting!


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