Monday, January 18, 2010

Things getting done

Ever so slowly and steadily, things are getting done. I haven't managed to get back to here because I had to fix an issue with my camera (all better now, although I can't use my favourite lens - boo!), but other things are getting done.

Like yesterday morning Dad came over and put hooks in our bedroom walls! We have picture rails in every other room in the house, so it has been frustrating, but now there are things on our walls! Hooray!
This shot is above my bed. The print is of an important, if controversial, early Australian painting - Fish Catch at Dawes Point, Sydney Harbour by John Lewin. I've had it forever and it makes it home when it is up somewhere. Below that is my bedhead and my fantastic Ikea bedside light.
The little sign on my bedhead. One day I'll tell you about my plans that this relates to.

The other print I love up on another wall. I'm all about the clean, clear surfaces at the moment, so everything is put away and I feel better for it. The two pictures on the book shelf are part of my personal history. The one on the left is of the York Hotel where my great-gradfather, grandmother and grandfather, father and aunt all lived and ran for a long time. The photo was taken during the time that dad was a kid there. The other picture is actually pressed wildflowers that I picked and pressed in the early 1980s. In the bottom corner is a photograph of me picking the flowers...awww.

I'm going to put things up in the shop today. It is too hot to be anywhere except right in front of the air-con, with all curtains closed and iced water to drink, so it is a day for the computer and for reading when I get sick of that.
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