Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things to love and inspire

I think the motivation for all the things I want to do with 2010 has finally arrived. One of the things I am totally in love with at the moment is my Google Reader. So much to love, inspire and enjoy there and so fun to find new blogs to add all the time.

And, because I don't have my own computer at the moment (it is in the laptop hospital!) I can't show you my new projects and other interesting things happening here but I can show you a few things I'm loving from my Reader.

True Up is a blog all about fabric *swoon* and today they had these stunning swatches on show from Giselle:

CraftyPod has a great tutorial for a very cute sachet. While I'm not into the V-day stuff, I think this could be modified nicely - butterflies, birds, books,  even things like rain drops or tomatoes perhaps?
I seem to have a pink theme going here. One of my fave general inspiration blogs in Abby Try Again. She has beautiful photography and these two are no exception:
And I love it when my blogs send me back to etsy to lovely things to discover. I found this lovely "print" via Decor8. It is by sarahandbendrix:

The best thing about all this is that tomorrow I get to look again at lovely, surprising, inspiring, cute, wonderful things! I think all the hearts on this post are for my Reader and the fabulous blogs it brings me.

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  1. Thanks for including my tutorial in this roundup! I totally love the butterfly idea!


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