Monday, March 22, 2010

Goodness me!

Browsing through my Google reader this morning and finding a few interesting things but nothing to send me off on a 'net adventure' I checked my stats for this blog and my subscriptions have gone up! I haven't even been blogging! Oops!

So, welcome to new readers and hello to old. I'm here with a post and because I don't really have anything particular to say, I'll just do a bit of a round up.

First, I think it is actually going to rain today. This is exciting because it hasn't rained here (Perth) since way, way last year. Some kind of record was broken. I was watching a movie on the weekend where in every melancholy scene it was raining and I really ached for some rain. But it needs to be a bit cooler too, so snuggling under the doona with a book is possible. At the moment, while it might rain, it is still going to be 30degC. I guess you can't have everything. And I am glad not to be in the cold in Victoria anymore.

I'm a tad excited about perhaps finding a bit of a research goldmine, historically speaking. I don't want to say too much and I may be getting a bit ahead of myself - I have to make a few calls today - but it is an exciting prospect. In other history/study news, I have an assignment due on Friday which I haven't started in any meaningful way. Must get onto that today.

I finished my Certificate in Small Business Management (yay!) and am all set to officially start my consultancy business on April 1 (no jokes, thanks!). It is a very arbitrary selection of a date, but I have to start somewhere. So, if you need any historical research or writing done, I'm your gal!

In slightly less happy news, and I don't really want to announce this in a formal way because these things are always in a state of flux, but I've decided that Eight Crows is going to go on the back burner. There are a number of reasons, mostly to do with my existing time and energy and my passion. While I love making things, working creatively is very hard for me, so while I'll still make things I will mostly be making for myself. I'll still take commissions, with conditions, and am still going to Upmarket this coming Sunday (at which most of my stock will be on sale!). I think one of the biggest reasons I've taken this decision is that I can't run this business properly - there is so much I could do to increase sales and the presence of Eight Crows, but I don't have the time or, frankly, the passion to do that in a way that it deserves to be done. Does that make sense? I'm excited that I'll get to make some things for me - up until now it has kind of been difficult to justify not making to sell - and maybe that was one of the problems I was having. Anyway, there you go. If any of you have seen things here that you want to buy but aren't in Perth for the market just let me know.

So, with that in mind, my first project will be a quilt (nope, I don't really do things by half, why do you ask?). I'm very excited about this, but I really have to do my assignment first!

All the photos are ones I took at the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition...

Have a lovely week everyone, hopefully I'll be back later on with something more....


  1. sad news about Eight Crows, but I understand as well! I need to get a cost off you for some cushion covers because yours are still the best I've seen!

    Does that mean the tag will read 'commission with conditions'?

  2. hmm.. I'm not exactly sure why I put a '!' at the end of my first sentence there ... makes me sounds slightly terrifying...

  3. Jen, in your stock do you have anything that would be a nappy bag.. something like Andrea's..


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