Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lovely Sunday

Today, Mum and I went to Ellis House. It is an old house in Bayswater (just near home) that is now an art gallery/community.

Their art markets were on today where their member artists were painting and selling their wares on the lovely shady verandahs of the house.

They also had tea and cakes available for $5 (bargain!) to eat under the shade of the huge old mulberry and jacaranda trees in the backyard.

While we tea-ed we watched a woman painting

And enjoyed the lovely things found in nature. The Bougainvillea around here is glorious at the moment and I need to get some more shots of it. And a Kookaburra feather lying on the grass. It was such a peaceful way to spend the morning.

But best of all - I spent a bit of time nurturing my creative spirit and hopefully this will allow me to get into the groove this week as I need to get serious in the lead up to market day. 
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  1. Hi Jen, Andrea showed me her new bag, it is just gorgeous.. I was wondering if you could make a nappy bag? My sister is pregnant and I thought i could buy one of your bags for her. If you are up to the challenge, could it possibly be done in red.. I am not worried about the cost.
    I hope you are well? Your etsy shop is just devine.

  2. Hi Maree :) Nice to hear from you! When do you need it by? The biggest challenge will probably be finding time! Let me know.

  3. Jen she is due in June/July
    I have been fine, I so love your bags they are so gorgeous..


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