Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh be still my camping heart!

The utter fabulousness of this - I hate to call it a caravan because it is so much more than that - is so beyond gorgeous that I spent the morning leaping about in my chair with happiness at it.

Oh the style, the design, the *white*, the elegance, the shapes. I would sit gazing at it until it got dark and forget to look at the scenery of where I'd travelled to.

It is clever and stylish inside too! Oh, I LOVE it so!

Plus, it is only available in Europe so I'll just have to go a-camping to spiffy places in France and Italy, how utterly perfect!

And then get it shipped home because I couldn't bare to part with it.

This goes firmly at the top of my all-time wish list. If you too are in love (and seriously, why not!?) then you can see more at the Opera website (did I mention the awesome name!) and see a little video of it opening out like a flower. *sigh*

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