Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just Go For It

I used to 'just go for it', or at least I have done it before.

 I once bought a little 20acre farm in rural Victoria on the day I went to see it. I wasn't even looking for a little farm, I didn't even know what towns were nearby, I had never been to the area and had never owned property, let alone 20acres of it, before. When I think about it now, it was madness! Buy a farm? Crazy, right?

I always wanted to live in the country but I had to quit my city job to move there, I had to learn about running out of water and chopping wood and dealing with lizards,  mice, snakes and spiders, I had to get used to driving 15mins to get to civilization, I had to learn what frost will do to plants and how to start a pump and a generator. And many other things besides. Thing is, though, I loved it with all my heart and when I sold that little property six years later I was very sad, even though I knew I had to do it.

I still miss the quiet and the solitude, the mornings as the sun crept over the forest that surrounded my farm and the evenings when my music would waft over the paddocks as the shadows deepened. I loved being able to wander freely across my land and into the forest with the dogs off the lead. I still miss chopping wood, setting a fire, lighting the stove and being oh-so-cold while I waited for the heat to spread.

So, why am I telling you all this? Because I need to take a leaf out of the book I used to live by. I need to be that person again who takes risks and jumps in and just sees if things will work out. So, look out! I might be slow to wind up and get started but I can feel the momentum building.

(You can see more of my photography of my farm and surrounds here.)


  1. What a huge 'just go for it'! Sounded devine :) . Did you have the woodfire oven which had the little door that you could open and then use a poker with a piece of bread on it to make toast (by putting bread in the fire?) . This is a favourite childhood memory of mine while visiting my Nans sister in the country :)

  2. Thanks Jen! Yes, it was one of those stoves, but I never did the toast thing. I used to just throw the bread on the top plate for it to crisp up! So yummy! It didn't even need any spread on it.


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