Friday, February 19, 2010


As I was making this cushion I could feel the sewing block that has been haunting me for about a month start to lift. This cushion represents all the ideas I have in my head but haven't been able to realise for one reason or another.

I was also thinking about how, as my mother's only daughter, I was drowned in pink when I was younger. When I turned 21 I told Mum 'that's it! no more' and she dutifully filled the front lawn with pink flamingos on my birthday morning as my 'last pink treat'. It took me a lot of years to get back to pink, but now I quite like it. Now, in fact, I really enjoy making cute, pink things. Not for children, but for women who like a bit of pretty in their lives.

I'm really happy with this cushion. Every time I do hand-sewn embellishing or applique I drift off into a wonderful place where there is nothing but the next stitch to worry about.

Watch out for this cushion and others like it at the Upmarket and my Etsy shop.


  1. That is a lovely cushion :) well done on breaking through your writing block :)

  2. Extremely pretty cushion, so stylish in gray with those pretty details. Pink is my favorite color, and I'm so glad women are allowed to like it too... ;-)

  3. Thanks Hanna! Yes, I decided that as I don't have kids it was totally okay for me to have pink!

  4. Easily the nicest looking cushion I've ever seen. I want to order a series of them. Seriously. Can I afford them??

  5. Seriously. You can afford them but only AFTER you buy my book from the V&A!! In fact, if you buy the book, I'll send you two cushions. Send me an email and we'll sort it. Miss you heaps xoxoxox


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