Friday, November 6, 2009

Crow All About It!

Ahhh, the fresh scent of the first post on a clean, empty blog! Of course, I have had a few blogs (even a LiveJournal back in the day) in my time. I don't want to make any grand statements here and now that 'this one will be different', 'I'll keep up this one'. I think, like many, we start with promise and then it slowly but surely, or quickly like an avalanche, goes downhill.

I don't want to turn you off, before you've even got though my first post however!! So I will tell you a bit about what I plan for this blog:

Links and lots of them. I want to send you off to places you haven't been before to things strange and ordinary. And I hope you'll return the favour.

A little bit about what I'm making, but honestly, with the amount of effort I will be putting into my shop, I want you to go there. After all, that's where you can buy. But I'll keep you up to date in a broad, overview kind of sense.

All things Paris. Random? Not really. You see, I'm on a mission to get to Paris for a three month sabbatical in April 2011. I need funds to do this, naturally. I'm starting from a significant minus-funds position. But I have hope (and a bit of faith)! My Etsy shop is key to this, but more as it develops.

And finally, an image or three. Everyone likes pictures, after all.

I'm no art critic - I only know a little bit, but I love this painting. The dresses! The fabric! The leisure of it all. But especially I love how they are all turned to look at the viewer - just like a photograph.

So welcome to The Crow!

....and here is the first link: I love the ABC (that would be the Australian Broadcasting Corporation), especially ABC radio. Love, love. Anyway, some of our very bestest newpeople work there and some of them have their own blogs - oh joy and love! Go check it out. I particularly like Leigh Sales' posts coz she has links! Hurrah!

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