Saturday, November 21, 2009

Work, work like a real person

Yesterday was all about working. Over the last couple of days I spent time cutting up material for a new range of bags. I haven't worked like this before - that is, doing all the cutting then all the sewing - usually I'll cut up one bag and sew and finish it then have to recover for a day or so(!). But I am enjoying this new process. It is easier to go onto the next bag when it is already cut up, I can make sure I'm reducing my wastage and the bags feel finished much quicker therefore I can make more in one sitting. This wasn't my own brilliant idea, by the way, I saw some photos of someone else's piles of cut up fabric and had one of those light bulb moments.

I'm very happy with how these bags have turned out. I'm using Japanese linen again, which I just adore and which I can't wait to get more of - especially the stuff that is $70+ per metre. And now I've become more sure of what I'm doing, I make less mistakes and feel more confident about cutting up expensive, not to mention, beautiful, fabric.

It is perhaps easy to sew at the moment because I'm finding the whole web side of the business a bit overwhelming. It requires so much work and I can't work out a system to make sure that everything gets done and how to implement the ideas to increase my presence on the web in a ordered way. I get anxious when I'm trying to do things on the net without a system - I worry that I'm missing things. Something new to work on I suppose.

Something completely different for my link today: Cheeseburger Gothic is the blog of John Birmingham who is an author I really enjoy. Interesting for its discussion on the process of being creative and working creatively, as well as everyday crappy and happy things that happen.
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