Sunday, November 15, 2009

Market Day!

My very first market - at the Made On the Left market in the Hyde Park Hotel - was a lot of fun and very successful. Not only did I sell quite a bit (and I didn't have any expectations on how much I would sell, because I didn't really know how people would respond) but I learnt A LOT. And am now psyched to have my next market, using all the knowledge I've gained, to do even better!

I had my ever-supportive best friend and admin superstar there - Katrina (with her back to the camera) - all day. She made sure that everyone who looked at the table was engaged in conversation and also looked after the money. And my brother, Tom, was there a bit too - in this photo being a big help by moving swing tags from one side of the bags to the other! - and helped do paper cutting and other odd jobs. Mum and Cynthia came and bought bags and lunch for us, Ange came and bought bags, Dawn dropped in, Dad came and also bought things, plus a few of Katrina's friends too. Yes, some people I didn't know bought things as well!!

I learnt what products got people looking at the stall, I learnt about prices and layout, I found out that some concepts are too hard for people to grasp at a market stall (sari brooches - I'm not sure people really knew what they were!) and may do better on etsy. I also got so inspired to keep going to markets with better and better product - more of the things that made people smile.

It was such a rewarding, exciting, satisfying and wonderful experience that I'm so looking forward to going to the next one.

So, thanks to all who passed by, who bought things, who looked and had their day brightened and especially to my friends and family for supporting me so thoroughly.


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