Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Look at anything that even remotely smells like advice about Etsy and you'll find a statement, sentence, paragraph, essay about photographs. They are important, I realise that, but what I'm just starting to realise is that they take a.g.e.s to do and get right! It is the one thing holding me up on putting things up on my shop. I like having a person in my shots and my flatmate, best friend and admin superstar, Katrina is perfect - plus she doesn't mind a little camera action - but trying to find time when we are both available, the energy to be bothered and good light is difficult.

Yesterday we had a go and got a few brooches done, but then it started to rain!!

I also need to do some close up shots in my "lightbox" (I can cheat because my desk is in a perfect position under a window and really looks like a lightbox in shot). Then of course all the downloading, fixing up, resizing, etc, etc.

I guess I'm lucky that I have been taking photos and putting them on the net for a long time (see my old photoblog at so am at least comfortable with the process. Still! Hard work.

In other news, I will be at another market on the 29th. This time in Fremantle - it is a new, little market, called The Laneway Market. It is in Tum Tum Tree Lane from 12-4pm. New bags and brooches will be on offer, so come and say hi if you are able to. Otherwise, keep an eye out for more stuff on etsy - as soon as I get these photos organised!!

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