Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Markets and Friends

This little guy was on my tomato plant the other morning and kindly stayed put while I went to get my camera (click on the photo for a close look and check out his amazing wings). My veges are going bananas at the moment after all that rain and now the heat. There are thousands of little green tomatoes (cherry and yellow pear) and even a new baby cucumber. The capsicums are flowering and the garlic is looking almost ready to dig up. The artichoke, which I really need to move, is threatening to take over everything. I do need to find time to plant seeds in the new bed I made, but I'm so busy sewing that I haven't had time (plus, hot!). Yesterday I compared my roma tomatoes to shop bought ones and the difference in taste was incredible. The shop bought ones didn't taste anything like mine - not even really like tomatoes.

I'm going to be at another market - The Great Freo Flea and Artisan Market at the North Freo Primay School on Dec 13. I don't know much about this market - guess I'll find out on the day! It has been good to have markets coming up as it forces me to keep sewing. I hope to put a bag or two up on etsy today or tomorrow, which will be exciting. My Google Analytics tell me that I've had quite a few visitors to the shop from all over the world. I always find these stats fascinating but I'm going to have to use them properly to figure out how these people get to my shop so I can figure out good promotional strategies. Hmm, again, hard. Back to the sewing I think!

No link today - feeling a little bit off colour and can't muster up the energy to find something.
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