Monday, November 30, 2009

Laneway Market Day and Big News!

Today was supposed to be a total rest day. Sleep in, gym, laze around, do some (very neglected) housework - including some much needed washing - read my book, walk the dog, chill out, watch telly and all those sorts of things people do when they take some time off. And I deserved it as I've been working well into the night getting ready for this market.

It sort of worked out like that. I woke up at 5.30am to deal with the animals and could only go back to sleep once I'd written down all the ideas I had swimming around my head. I then managed to convince my dog to wait to be walked and slept in until 8.30 (very late for me), had a lazy breakfast, lay back on the bed, read. I've made it lazy until now (3.30pm) when I can no longer ignore the pile of work that needs to be done....but before I get there, let me tell you about yesterday's market.

The Laneway Market was just small - only eight stalls, although more were booked. One stall left after an hour saying it was too dusty (bad form as far as I'm concerned!). Only a hundred or so people browsed through and I only made one sale (although she bought two of my most expensive products). One sale is good though especially for such a limited number of potentials. I spent most of the day looking really objectively at my stall and how it can be improved - because it most certainly does. But the market was lovely, it was a bit tucked away, but in a really pleasant treed and shady lane. The day was hot, but the Doctor was in (that would be the sea breeze that cools Perth most summer days) so it was actually very nice sitting there with not much to do. Of course yummy food and a beer or two would have made it better, but I can't have everything. Thank god mum was there to keep me company otherwise I might have gone a bit nuts.

The thing that was so glaringly obvious at this market was the sort of thing people were looking for - not the 'pretty' stuff I currently have - and I'm going to have to work hard to develop a line of bags to sell at the next Freo market I'll be at.

I've had to make some hard decisions about how to sell the stuff I've spent a lot of time making, but I'm getting there - things become clearer all the time.

Now for the big news!! I've been accepted into two more markets.

The first, on Thursday 10 December is the huge Subi UpMarket (hopefully my link on the page will be fixed soon!!) - a very large shopping festival that is held once a year in Subiaco. It runs from 5-9pm and the stall is very expensive, so I'm gambling a bit and I really hope it is worth it! It is exciting though and rather prestigious, so I really need to have everything up to scratch.

The second market is called The Great Freo Flea and Artisan Market and is at the North Freo Primary School on Sunday 13 December (yes, just three days later, yikes!). I don't know much about this market, but it is well advertised (not online, though) so that is a plus.

This means I have just 10 days to get organised. I have ideas for new products and new ideas for display. Much work to do - hence the end of my little break.

One thing that will be happening over the next few days is that I'll be listing four of my Dilly Bags on the etsy shop, along with all my sari jewellery. Drop by and have a look.

Back to work!

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